sustainable living in plastic

Save plastics introduces a house that can be movable and self-sufficient, produced with local waste plastic. The save home is the first house that combines the four elements of ‘good green living’: comfort & safety, self-sufficiency, mobility and local circular production.

The save home is a movable home that does not risk any loss of luxury and comfort. The house consists of separate units that can be switched as desired. Thanks to, among other things, smart placement, good insulation, solar collectors and the latest technologies, the house can be self-sufficient. Mostly fabricated with 100% recycled plastic. For example, the facade is completely covered with plastic, as is the outdoor terrace. Other materials used are as sustainable as possible.


the future in housing

With our save home we want to link local plastic waste to the growing desire to live flexibly, work and live close to nature. Where others see waste as a problem, we see it as the building material of the 21st century, extremely suitable for outdoor spaces and housing. We know that what we do now has an imprint on the earth and the future of our children, which is why we consciously help build circular and sustainable homes. Check out what we’ve already built.

lodging in luxury

The possibilities for building with recycled plastic are endless. Our sustainable alternative is in no way inferior to other building materials, and even enables a luxurious appearance. The designs of our save living homes are tailored to user-friendliness and environment. Stay close to nature and live consciously. Choose where you want to live and leave the luxury details to us.


save cabin

In 2022, together with our partner Daily cabin, we took on the challenge of building a tiny house from 100% recycled household waste plastic, and with great success. The Tiny House is built with more than 800 kilos of recycled plastic. The possibilities for conscious housing are endless with this sustainable and easily processed raw material. We invite you to create even more creative solutions with us that are needed in the current housing and hydraulic engineering or infrastructure.


beach house

The Plastic Beach House is made of plastic that is difficult to recycle. This low-quality plastic waste ends up in large quantities in nature. Together with former engineer Cees Tadema, a plastic building block has been developed that you can stack yourself. A total of 7,482 kg of plastic waste has been processed in the 20m² prototype save-cabin. This is equivalent to approximately 5 million plastic lunch bags. And by choosing to recycle waste plastic instead of incinerating it, 7,419 kg of CO2 emissions are saved. That is the same as driving 62,352 km in a passenger car. Circular together, for a safe and conscious future. #we_save


reach out!

Inspired? Do you share our values? Can we help you find a solution for your challenge? Let us know, we find a local sustainable solution for everything.

reach out!

Inspired? Do you share our values? Can we help you find a solution for your challenge? Let us know, we find a local sustainable solution for everything.


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