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our story

Our vision is a circular world, where we use what we already have, where we import less and export less, and where we look for local solutions to local issues. We do not see plastic waste, but a valuable raw material. A raw material that we use to make sustainable products for the outdoor area. We love to share our knowledge and support local initiatives.


who we are

Save plastics has been around for 30+ years and was created out of the idealism of founder Gerard Peters. In the 1980s he recycled agricultural foil into raw material. Later, his son Bram Peters took over and brought the company where it is today. A circular leader in the Netherlands. We prefer to see a world without plastic. But as long as tons of new plastic are still being produced every day, it is better to make useful products out of it. We are the sustainable gem of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I and W) and a reliable supplier of certified products made from household waste plastics for infrastructure and outdoor areas. This is how we help build a world without plastic waste.

track record

For more than 35 years, we have been a leader in environmental sustainability and innovation. Together with our partners we find local solutions for local problems. It all started in the 1980s with an ideal and has grown into circular leadership in the Netherlands. We have a sustainable mission to save as much household plastic waste from the incinerators as possible and reuse it to create new products. A mission that we work on with pleasure every day.

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we love plastic

Where other people see waste, we see the raw material of the 21st century. A raw material that is indestructible and therefore very environmentally friendly. And it never runs out, because it can be reused many times. We give new life to even collections of the most polluted and unsorted plastic.

With our expertise we turn old plastic into new sustainable products. In this way we make used plastic valuable again and together we are on our way to a world in which plastic is given a sustainable new life.

we love nature

In the Netherlands, 1.3 billion kilos of household plastic waste is thrown away every year. A large part of this goes straight into nature and adds to the growing problem of plastic soup. That is not only polluting, but also a shame! Because that is how valuable raw material is lost. Every piece of plastic is valuable and is reused in Save Plastics products. This is how we make the world of plastic circular: no waste, but products. And at the end of its useful life, we recycle it again and melt it into a new product.


60% of plastic waste still ends up in the incinerator. What a shame!

our values

We do business from our hearts and hold our values high.



We go the extra mile to find solutions. Where a customer has a challenge, we find a sustainable local solution. Together with customers, we look at what is possible. We also serve the greater good – society and the planet. For example, we give people with a distance to the job market a fair chance and together we build bridges for a better future! We are involved in circular social projects all over the world, which benefit everyone in society. The calligraphy of the greatest service (Da Fu Wu) supports us in this.


Bram (former forester) heard the calling – help the earth! In word and deeds we are going for a circular world! We walk the talk & practice what we preach. We work from the heart and are aware of our contribution to the well-being of the earth. Work with the earth and do not exhaust its resources. That is why our core business is to reuse household plastic waste and convert it into sustainable usable products, in order to spare the earth and prevent the pollution of the oceans. We see (w)earth!


just do it!

Let’s just do it! Where many people continue to talk about problems, we take action!! Only 2% of all startups succeed in completing their mission. We belong to this select group, because we like to innovate and tackle things. Don’t think too much, just say yes and learn and develop along the way with others. Creation starts with the idea, and then we just start and don’t stop until it is tangible. You have to dare – innovate and take action in confidence. Don’t keep talking, but do!

“Together for a circular world where there is no more plastic waste.”

our mission

We have heard the call of the earth and, together with our partners, ensure a circular approach to the plastic waste problems in the world. We have found the solution to give the household waste that normally goes into the incinerator a second life by converting it into sustainable products for the outdoor area and infrastructure.

We like to work together and circularly. This is how we make people and businesses more aware, and the planet green, sustainable and healthy again.


In greatest service by working with Da Fu Wu Calligraphy


It’s always about people

Social impact. We at Save Plastics see it as our duty to also make a social impact, by collaborating with sheltered workshops, employing people with a distance to the job market and giving them a second chance. And worldwide, our projects raise awareness and solve local problems thanks to the products made in the green plastic factories. We support social projects in countries like India. In this way we like to contribute to a better society. For people, by people!

Awardwinning innovation

We never stop learning and look daily for opportunities to further improve our products. Every year we come up with various innovative adjustments. We can provide a complete package of all the necessary material. From calculations and drawings, to the delivery of the building specifications.
For us, our innovative character is evident. Nevertheless, we are regularly rewarded for this.

beste Arnhemse onderneming 2019/2020

Circulair hero 2022 Ministery I&W

finalist Jan Terlouw price 2019

expedition award province Flevoland 2022


our team

We work with a team of enthusiastic do-gooders and with a healthy dosis of Dutch mentality and craftsmanship. Save plastics is the founder of Save Living & Plastic Fantastic among others, and thus supports our mission to make the world free of plastic waste.

reach out!

Inspired? Do you share our values? Can we help you find a solution for your challenge? Let us know, we find a local sustainable solution for everything.

reach out!

Inspired? Do you share our values? Can we help you find a solution for your challenge? Let us know, we find a local sustainable solution for everything.


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