Geversduin is the first holiday park in the Netherlands with 100% recycled plastic cabins.

With one hundred enthusiastic and environmentally conscious volunteers, we cleared the beach of plastic and residual waste during the major Beach Clean-up in Castricum. That plastic was taken to the Green Plastic factory of Save Plastics. In the factory we processed the plastic into building materials for the first set of Save Cabins at the Geversduin campsite in Castricum. It turned out to be a great success, for both the holiday park and its guests and the immediate surroundings of the campsite. We are proud of the result and would like to show you how it was created behind the scenes. Our motto ‘Just start’ has taught us to act and improve later. This project is an example of how small steps can lead to big changes in sustainability.

save cabin vacation rental

What would it be like for you to stay in a vacation home made of recycled material for a midweek or weekend? The guests of the Geversduin holiday park were able to ask themselves that question. Their positive reactions say a lot about the hopeful future of the save cabin vacation home. The cabins are made of recycled plastic and wood and offer sustainable accommodation with all the conveniences and comfort of a regular holiday home, with an extra emphasis on living ‘close to nature’. Nature and its sustainable character can be found both inside and around the accomodation. For example, a lot of material has been reused in the kitchen, and even the curtains are made from recycled textiles. Even the electricity is sustainably generated with solar panels. The save cabin and the veranda have a unique and natural appearance, which attracts a lot of attention from guests and the people living close by. 

start before you’re ready – the first save cabin

In 2022, together with our partner Daily Cabin, we took on the challenge to build a tiny house from 100% recycled household waste plastic, and with great success. We decided to once again apply our ‘Just do it’ mentality in our collaboration, and learn by doing and along the way find out how the first save cabin could be manufactured. The design and craftsmanship of Daily Cabin and the innovative technology of save plastics together form a great team. We had so much fun during the project, and complemented each other fantastically. In just a few months, the first save cabin became a reality! 

The first save cabin was built with more than 800 kilos of recycled plastic. The plastic is made from local household plastic waste that normally ends up in the incinerator, and therefore building these cabins has a major impact on the environment. Now we not only prevent major CO2 emissions, but we also get something nice in return – a sustainable home that is easy to move and does not compromise on luxury or comfort. The possibilities for conscious housing construction are endless with this sustainable and easily processable raw material. So we can say that the collaboration with Daily Cabins we hit the bull’s eye. 

Geversduin had the scoop

Recreation park Geversduin in Castricum had the scoop of receiving guests all year round in the most environmentally conscious holiday home in Europe. The reactions were positive and the director of Geversduin recreation park said the following: ‘It has brought us more than we could have anticipated in advance. The houses were not only popular among the guests who stayed in them, but were also a real attraction for the area and other guests. We are happy to have entered into this collaboration with Save Plastics and Daily Cabin and we look forward to a bright future.’

benefits of save cabins

popular among guests

The save cabins are popular among guests and generate positive reactions. Guests had the feeling that by choosing this sustainable accomodation they were also contributing to a better environment. The luxury of a holiday home and the conscious enjoyment of nature go hand in hand in the save cabin. 

“We were allowed to stay in the save cabin last weekend. We have never had such a wonderful stay. It feels so good to contribute to the environment in this way!” W de V, from Zetten.

“After a midweek stay in this beautiful cabin, we can say with certainty that this is the most special rental accommodation we have ever rented. Very comfortable and serving the earth!” H de G, from den Hoorn

You open the door and are connected to the natural elements used in the holiday home. The chairs, the kitchen cabinets and the lamps are made by save plastics with 100% recycled plastic, which visually does not differ much from wood. From the outside, the recycled plastic resembles natural slate, and therefore has a luxurious and natural appearance.

better for the environment

Of all companies in the plastic recycling industry, we are the only one that uses difficult-to-recycle plastic – the 60% of plastic waste that normally ends up in the incinerators. With our unique IEM technology, we have found a way to turn even this ‘worthless’ plastic into a sustainable plastic building material.

A save cabin is made from 800 kg of recycled household plastic, which is equivalent to approximately 5 million sandwich bags. And by choosing to recycle waste plastic instead of burning it, 7,419 kg of CO2 emissions are saved. That is the same as driving a passenger car 62,352 km.

In addition, we contribute to reducing the use of traditional building materials and promote the reuse of plastic waste. In this way we make conscious choices for a better environment, and work with what is seen as one of the biggest problems at the moment; the surplus of plastic waste.

add shine to your recreation park

The save cabins not only turned out to be a pleasure for the people who stayed in them, but were also a huge attraction for the guests and residents of the recreation park. This pioneering project gave the Geversduin recreation park an extra shine, and they are proudly at the forefront when it comes to sustainable and circular entrepreneurship. With this innovation at the holiday park, they were even nominated by the ANWB for campsite of the year 2024. The save cabin was also nominated by the ANWB for the most special holiday home 2024.

local for local

In addition to the fantastic end product of this project – the save cabin, the project was also widely supported in the municipality of Castricum. The people from the area were involved in the big Beach Clean-up, and other local fundraising activities. This increased awareness of what you can do with ‘plastic waste’ after it ends up in the trash. With this local for local recycling project we provide insight into the problem to solution process, so that people are proudly involved from start to finish. It became clear what you contribute as an individual or family by collecting used household waste. This is a WIN – WIN – WIN solution for the residents, the municipality and ultimately the user of the end product. A better environment starts with your municipality! Together consciously creating a better living environment.

follow the innovation trends

Now that the first project and the very first tourist season have been successfully completed, we are eager to follow this innovative trend and also place the save cabins at other holiday parks in the Netherlands next spring. Whether it concerns a private spot on a campsite or one of the established holiday parks such as Geversduin, we are happy to enter into new collaborations.

You tell me. Are you a trendsetter and will you take the next step with us towards a conscious and plastic waste-free future? 

draw attention to your recreation park

Do you also want to innovate your campsite with the save cabins in the coming year, please contact Marlous de Bordes. Email that you’re interested to to see what we can do for each other.