together for a circular world in which there is no longer any plastic waste.

We have heard the call from the earth and, together with our partners, ensure a circular approach to the plastic waste problems in the world. We have found the solution to give the household waste that normally goes into the incinerator a second life and to convert it into sustainable products for the outdoor area and infrastructure.

We like to work together and circularly. This is how we make people more aware, and the planet green, sustainable and healthy again.


“We prefer to see a world without plastic. But as long as tons of new plastic are produced every day, we can make useful products out of it.”

— Bram Peters

our mission

We have a sustainable mission to save as much household plastic waste as possible from the incinerators and reuse it into new products. In this way we make used plastic valuable again and together we are on our way to a circular world in which plastic is given a sustainable new life.


old to new

Packaging, plastic lunch bags and other used household plastics are given a new life at Save Plastics. Where others see waste, we see the most valuable raw material of the 21st century. A raw material that is indestructible and therefore very environmentally friendly. And it never runs out, because it can be reused many times. A raw material that costs nothing to extract, does not harm the earth and that also normally causes tons of problems in the world every year.


finding solutions

Together with our partners and customers, we find local solutions to local problems. We search for new opportunities and possibilities, and see every challenge as an opportunity to dig deeper. If something doesn’t exist yet, we’ll find a way to find it. If someone says something is not possible, we come up with an innovative idea. We love to be creative and transformative, giving our customers the best of ourselves, as we work together to find the best solution for them, for us, society and the environment.


the next generation

Everything you do comes back to you! By thinking now about the generations that will come after us, and leaving them the valuable green planet, we must take Action!

This is why we make one of the biggest problems in the world today; plastic soup and overproduction of waste form the basis for a circular and sustainable solution. We are proud to know that this solution is not only of value now, but will continue to be useful to our sons as well. Until the moment that there really is no more plastic waste in the world. This is what we like to contribute to, for now and for future generations.


tackle this together!

We believe in the power of collaborations, and always choose partners who can take the work to the next level with us. We are real doers, and consciously choose with whom we like to work. We like to think about innovations at local and national level. For example, we are involved with municipalities and even at government level we are asked to participate in the thinktank about conscious solutions for environmental management and the current plastic waste problem. There is still plenty to do, and we also see new opportunities for a circular society emerging every day.

reach out!

Inspired? Do you share our values? Can we help you find a solution for your challenge? Let us know, we find a local sustainable solution for everything.

reach out!

Inspired? Do you share our values? Can we help you find a solution for your challenge? Let us know, we find a local sustainable solution for everything.


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