When engineering contractors want to complete a government contract, they are obliged to consciously purchase SROI up from 200,000 euros. This SROI obligation can provide many benefits to both you as a contractor and society at a social level. We are happy to examine them for you, so that choosing companies with a social entrepreneurship PSO quality mark automatically will become your preference, which also brings a lot of benefits to your wallet.

what is the SROI obligation?

Social Return of Investment is aimed at getting people who are further away from the labor market back to work. For example, consider long-term job seekers, early school drop-outs and people with disabilities. In the Netherlands, no fewer than 1.3 million people are identified in this target group. Since 2011, the government has imposed the SROI as a condition for signing a engineering contract within the government, the so-called SROI obligation. Companies are asked to spend a certain percentage of the contract sum (usually 5%) on social return. This can be done by offering people from the target group a job, education or training, or purchasing from companies that consciously implement this Social Return.

how does SROI work?

When awarding assignments, government purchasers can encourage or oblige the contractor to involve vulnerable groups on the labor market in the execution of the assignment. With the application of social return, the government ensures that an investment made, in addition to the ‘normal’ return, yields a additional social profit. By deploying people who are distanced from the labor market, a social return value is created that may be deducted from the social return obligation. (source: www.socialreturn.nu)

If you choose to collaborate with Save Plastics, then you’re good with the SROI. 

Save Plastics meets the strict requirements of the PSO and we have even managed to reach step 3 on the PSO ladder in 2023. The Social Entrepreneurship Performance Ladder (PSO) is a scientifically based quality mark from TNO aimed at the labor participation of vulnerable groups in the labor market. The higher the percentage of employees who are distanced from the labor market, the higher you go on the PSO ladder. Save works with employees who identify as the Social Return target group and are therefore among the leaders when it comes to social entrepreneurship. And this also has great advantages for our customers. For you as an entrepreneur, this means that by purchasing building materials for decking, scaffolding, shedding or bridges from Save Plastics, you indirectly meet your SROI obligation. 

save thousands of euros in fines

To promote social return, the government has found a fantastic way to make socially conscious entrepreneurship more attractive. In this way, contractors who comply with the SROI obligation avoid the fine of sometimes as much as 5% of the contract price. That’s a win, win, win for everyone involved.

This way the government wins, because every employee who goes to work via Social Return no longer has to receive state benefits. In this way, the employer wins, because he gains a motivated employee and with this extra help can organize the labor process more efficiently. This way the employee wins, because he gets a full place in the labor market and is appreciated for participating again. All in all, a social impact that produces beneficial results for everyone.

calculation example

An example: A new residential area requires 70 jetties for houses on the water.


The contract price is 300,000 euros with an SROI obligation of 5%. That is 15,000 euros SROI.

If the contractor does NOT comply with the SROI obligation, the fine will be 15,000 euros.

By using 100% recycled plastic products from Save Plastics you will save this 15,000 euro fine!

= €15,000 back in your wallet!

Those who make a conscious choice not only see the social benefits, but also get a lot in return.

“Choose Price and Socially Conscious, and save thousands of euros.”

the power of this target group

We are not only committed to the environment, but we also deeply care about our employees. For example, a large number of our employees come from the vulnerable SROI target group, and we give them the opportunity to develop and fully participate in the labor process. Our experience is that we not only make a social impact, but that it also gives our company and the other employees a positive image. Our team is very diverse, we learn from and with each other and we remain flexible because everyone counts and has a voice. It is a pleasure to see the employees’ eyes shine when we have achieved an assignment or deadline together. In our experience, the strength of this target group is that they are particularly eager to succeed and they bring this enthusiasm to the workplace every day.

conscious of our people and the environment

At Save Plastics we care about our people and are 100% committed to giving the SROI target group a ‘home’ within our company. We believe that everyone should be able to participate. That is why we give people who are at a distance from the labor market the opportunity to work and develop at Save Plastics. But we are at least as concerned about the environment and the environmental impact we make together. We carefully make sustainable products from 100% recycled plastic, without using virgin plastic, and our MKI scores and microplastic management are something to be proud of too. 

together we make a sustainable social impact

The social impact we make by working with employees who are distanced from the labor market is greater than you might think. Not only does it directly improve the lives of these people personally, but it also creates a broader awareness that ‘everyone counts’ among our other employees and customers. Working with SROI employees is tailor-made and requires attention, dedication and creativity. For example, we employ people with trauma-related problems, disadvantages and/or mental challenges, all of which require an individual approach. They receive tailor-made attention and care in the workplace, and are personally guided, so that they can develop optimally within Save. They experience our support and understanding so that they feel that they are not alone and count 100% for the success of our business operations. In this way, at Save plastics we make a sustainable social impact, in addition to the many environmental benefits that we achieve with our products and the production process.

price and socially conscious entrepreneurship

Our partners and customers also all have a circular and socially conscious heart, and we are happy to provide you with the PSO step 3 benefits that collaboration with us brings you.

So if you want to enjoy thousands of euros in savings on the total purchase price for the building materials for the road- and hydraulic engineering projects in the new year, plus also meet the social return obligation, click here and we will provide a tailor-made proposal.