outdoor living

outdoor life with sustainable plastic

We want to go outside when the weather is nice and immediately enjoy the sun, without having to sand, paint or replace your terrace it first. No more rotten furniture or a slippery terrace. But a robust seating object that is made to serve and enjoy. Whether it’s a bench in a municipal park, a picnic set at a campsite or a steel-reinforced pole to attach your hammock to. Save Plastics has the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for your project.


maintenance free, lifetime warranty


doesn’t rot, not slippery, no splintering


easy to clean


appearance and processability equal to wood


garden and porch

If you also want to live in a conscious and sustainable way, consider manufacturing your terrace, veranda or decking from recycled household plastic. The material is wear-resistant, does not splinter, is easy to process and maintenance-friendly. We would like to see the whole world switch to this environmentally friendly solution – giving used household waste plastic a second life. Together for a Sustainable Future!




light poles




terrace and porch


benches and picnic sets


posts and planks


stackable flower boxes

A vertical garden, stacked by yourself with sturdy flower boxes made from regional plastic waste that we save from the incinerator. You can create and vary as you like, depending on where you want to use your planters. Fill your stackable flower boxes with peat-free garden soil made from fermented green waste. And enjoy your own green city oasis.

vegetable garden box

Together with one of our partners (easy vegetable garden) we developed the vegetable garden box made from 100% recycled plastic. We can see how one such collaboration makes many people happy and contributes to a greener world. Now having your own vegetable garden is not only accessible to everyone, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. That is win – win – win for us, our customers and our planet.


plastics on the street

If you cross a bridge or want to go fishing on a jetty, it is nice to know that it is completely safe and contributes to a better environment in many ways. Save products beautify the street scene, are wear-resistant and do not splinter. Whether it concerns a terrace or porch, scaffolding, bridge, light pole or pole, every product is made of 100% recycled household plastic and has a beautiful appearance, is maintenance-friendly and safe for frequent use.


Inexhaustible source

There is still a surplus of plastic in the world (a major problem). We know that we can make products for years to come, which can also be melted down and reused 10 times after use (>40 years). This way we know that future generations can also enjoy what we do here and now today! Save Plastics products last a lifetime (and even generations).

From light pole to picnic set

Throughout the Netherlands, we provide municipalities with benches and picnic sets, light poles, bridges and decking to make the outdoor space not only attractive, but also environmentally friendly. We manufacture all kinds of outdoor products from 100% recycled household waste plastic. This solves a local problem and replaces it with a sustainable product.


household plastic waste as valuable raw material


save wall

We are building climate-smart living walls in many municipalities, which not only brighten up the streetscape, but also reduce CO2 emissions, stimulate biodiversity and cool the neighborhood on hot summer days. The save wall can be used flexibly as a green retaining wall for vertical greening of petrified environments. Automate the irrigation, preferably with collected rainwater or surface water and make your municipality the greenest in the Netherlands with the SAVE WALL.

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Geinspireerd? Deel je onze waarden? Kunnen we je helpen in jouw uitdaging? Laat het ons weten, we vinden voor alles een lokale circulaire oplossing.


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