Save Plastics produces circular flower boxes for Save Lodge. This happens in the Green Plastic Factory in Arnhem. Both companies are connected by a shared mission to create a sustainable world. Together they give gray, green and blue residual flows a high-quality second life. This brings 35 years of circular practical experience to fruition in a beautiful way.

Grey, green and blue

In the Green Plastic Factory, the stackable flower boxes are steadily rolling off the production line. Save Lodge makes cities green vertically. The Save Wall (green front facade), the Save Lodge (nature-inclusive storage) and the Save Divider Wall (green dividing wall) are made from regional plastic residual mix waste that is saved from the incinerator. René Notenbomer: ‘We fill our stackable flower boxes with peat-free garden soil made from fermented green waste. And we prefer to plant winter-hardy and native plants, also good for the biodiversity in the city.’ The production of peat-free substrate comes from the subsidiary The vertical gardens can easily be expanded with computer-controlled irrigation, preferably with collected rainwater or surface water. And this way gray, green and blue residual flows are given a high-quality second life.

Significant impact

Save Plastics is committed to saving as many kilos household plastic waste from the incinerators. Bram Peters, owner of Save Plastics: ‘We believe that plastic is not only a problem, but can also be part of the solution. By reusing recycled plastic for new products, we reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the demand for new building materials. In this way, Save Plastics contributes to the shift towards a circular economy and a more sustainable future. Marlous de Bordes: ‘We now save several million kilos of residual mixed plastic every year. In this way we make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The collaboration between Save Plastics and Save Lodge is invaluable to us.’

While Save Plastics focuses on reusing plastic waste, Save Lodge makes optimal use of recycled materials to vertically make cities greener. The Green Plastic Factory is a crucial link in this process. With this collaboration, Save Plastics and Save Lodge are working together to create a sustainable world.